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Upcoming DEADPXLZ game to be built on top of Paima Studios’ Web3 Engine

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PXL Wars, the highly anticipated IP from DEADPXLZ will be built using the Paima Web3 Engine.

April 27th 2023, Bucharest, Romania:

DEADPXLZ strikes a deal with Paima Studios wherein PXL Wars will use Paima web3 Engine’s unique on-chain capabilities in making their next-gen web3 gaming vision a reality.

PXL Wars will be powered by the Paima Web3 Engine, leveraging its ‘on-chain or go home’ philosophy which is weaved into this product through exciting, never-been-done-before features such as real-time progression tracking, blockchain agnosticism, high data throughput levels due to its robustness and scalability as well as allowing the game to run in a fully decentralized manner with no reliance on a centralized server.

PXL Wars has been incrementally advancing through its pre-production stage for over a year now, checking off all of last year’s major milestones and kicking off 2023 with high hopes! We’ve started our production stage by working on our Layer 1 fully on-chain payment settlement solution for Forging & claiming genesis / in-game rewards and now we’re excited to also start building our in-game logic on top of Paima’s cutting edge web3 engine!

- AF, Founder of DEADPXLZ

Paima Studios

Paima Studios, founded in April 2022, are the core developers of the Paima Engine: a Web3 engine built using novel layer 2 technology. Paima Engine is a safe and easy way to enter Web3 as it can be used with any programming language and doesn’t expose users or developers to common Web3 risks and hacks. In April 2023, Paima Studios launched “Paima Standalone”, allowing external developers to build using Paima Engine for the first time.


DEADPXLZ has been part of the Cardano NFT scene for more than 2 years now, ever since it started out back in early 2021. Spearheaded by AF, one of the most innovative devs in CNFT, DEADPXLZ has created the 1st interactive collectibles on the Cardano blockchain, has pushed the envelope with gamified mint experiences, building an insanely diverse ecosystem evangelized by a dedicated community and has continuously executed on its vision through the thick of the bear market. They are currently working on their magnum opus, a next-generation web3 gaming experience called PXL Wars.

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