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Vacuumlabs has joined the Paima Web3 Engine Ecosystem as a Paima Engine Professional — a group of entities dedicated to the growth and adoption of the Paima Engine

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On March 6th, Vacuumlabs has joined the Paima Ecosystem as a Paima Engine Professional 4Engine. Having shown a deep understanding of the Paima ecosystem Vacuumlabs has become one of Paima Studio’s recommended partners for any new individual or company looking to join and build in this ecosystem.

What are Paima Engine Professionals

Paima Engine Professionals is a group created to recognize entities in the Paima ecosystem who leverage their deep understanding of the Paima Engine to power growth and adoption of Web3. Paima Engine Professionals receive direct support from the Paima Studios team in the form of educational material, technical support and lead generation

To learn more about Paima Engine Professionals, please visit our homepage below

Paima Studios homepage:

Become a Paima Engine Professional:

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Paima Studios

Paima Studios, founded in April 2022, are the core developers of the Paima Engine: a Web3 engine built using novel layer 2 technology. Paima Engine is a safe and easy way to enter Web3 as it can be used with any programming language and doesn’t expose users or developers to common Web3 risks and hacks. In January 2023, Paima Studios launched “Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble”, the first game built using the Paima Engine to celebrate the mainnet release of the Paima Engine.

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About Vacuumlabs

Vacuumlabs provides engineering, design, product development, and data science services for the fintech and blockchain industry. A Bratislava based company with 400+ people, we support clients from 8 locations in Europe, North America, and Asia to create socially responsible, purposeful, and inventive digital products. Vacuumlabs demonstrates that you can work on global projects from your own home or anywhere in the world. Vacuumlabs specializes in the realm of digital banking and blockchain-based technology to improve the lives of end-users, build new communities, and enrich the fintech landscape.

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Media contact

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